Thursday, April 4, 2019


I almost think it is time to change the title of this blog, so much has ha;ppened to me. I now have some health issues and I have neglected this place. I have had to move from the nice land I was living on and buy a home closer to family. Such as what happens to some as you get older. Getting up an age has affected my desire to do things like getting organized and making my craft which was stone knife making. I live up north now and the weather is just too cold for me right now. Maybe when the summer comes I will get inspired to go through boxes and setup a work area. Relationshps are important now and now that I have given up being able to work I live on a pension now. I get up in my 60s, and life changes and I suppose that happens to everyone at some point. I still think the days just go by too quickly and then there are those times I just sit and do nothing and I have time to do some things. I also feel overwhelmed with the demands of life, I am fixing up a house and getting things done seem to just drag on where I feel I will never get it all done. Oh well, just another chapter of this life. Simply getting older is not much fun no matter what people say.