Monday, October 20, 2014

More of my Work

Been making some larger stone knives lately, I decided to change some of my approach in design and look to produce something different than what I have been doing in the past, so these came into being. I used flint with elk horn bone. I have a festival coming up weekend after next, time to be creative..


  1. Quite different. How large are those?

  2. These are the largest in size I have made yet. Overall, size has been about twelve inches with blades from five to seven inches in length. I have been experimenting with this new design for larger stone made blades, but I have some smaller ones coming that I am making that also have this kind of design over the more arrowhead design. Do you have a preference in design?

  3. I wondered about the size. It looks to be like you are still experimenting and finding the balance you have in your medium and smaller size pieces.

    As for my preferences, I tend to love the work that leans more to the ceremonial side than the functional... but that is just me.