Monday, October 6, 2014

The Flu Shot

I went for a drive in my truck to the town of Marble Falls to visit a pharmacy for this seasons flu shot. Now Walgreens charges $31.00 for this public health service if you do not have insurance, so while getting the shot, I talked with the person giving me the shot about this, that something like this so important to public health should be free to the community and not for profit, I of course got the answer that "that is the way our health care system is". I of course had the insurance to cover it, but I thought a relevant question for these huge pharmacy companies to "think" about in their community..

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  1. Just got my flu shot yesterday and ran into the same delimia. Last year the county & city held free flu shot clinics. This year, either have insurance or pay ($31). I just once again got my insurance back, so yes it was covered, but if I had tried to get it a week earlier it would not have been. And agreed, it is so important I do not understand why it is not free. Seems like everything has to gleen a profit these days.