Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dumpster Diving

Yep, I do it when it looks like I may get some good stuff, even at my crazy age. Today I got some great stuff including a TV, old reel to reel, shop vac, a word processor, and other stuff. Some other stuff were a phone, hunting vest, army duffel bag, shower massage heads and some cords. Got to love it when you get lucky from a dumpster.

This old reel to reel is missing the AC cord, but I think I can find it at a thrift. It is very clean and has the original cover. 

You don't see word processors anymore, and this one has never been used. Comes with everything you need plus original cover.

This TV has great color and you can see that it is an old Sony. I have it in my studio and it is great for about 20 channels off just rabbit ears.


  1. Damn! That is one woot of a dumpster dive! Way to go!!

  2. As of this date, the two stereo receivers have failed on me, so I have junked those over trying to fix them, the other items are working fine.. still happy with the find.