Saturday, November 15, 2014

Something Different

I decided to do something different in making this huge knife from a carbon steel hacksaw. Sometimes when you want good steel, you have to turn to saws and files which are still around. Most of the steel out there today is just crap made in Asia. Tough knife to make with a sore thumb, and I probably should not have done so but I just can't keep my creative side down, Knife is 15 inches long.


  1. That is huge knife & quite nice too. And you are right, it is hard to find anything made in this country these days, let alone something of quality. That is one of many reasons I shop thrift stores first. I am more likely to find quality goods there from a generation ago than I am new from an idiot big profits store.

  2. You are right there, this blade was made from a US made hack saw blade, I would not use anything less only because of the quality of work I require. I have often found many items I have used in my work at thrift stores but this blade was bought on Ebay for $20. I often find good buys on quality made items I need on Ebay as you know.