Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Ladies Come Out

I got the ladies to come out of the hen house today to munch on some mustard greens.. The temp is 51 today but will freeze tonight, first freeze here in central TX. ...And yes I have a small heater installed in the hen house, have to keep the ladies warm..


  1. I wondered how your girls were dealing with the artic blast. Obviously you take good care of them. Now how arr you doing with your paw that is in the brace?

  2. Well, not too good...I still cannot use my left hand all the way which is difficult since we all use are hands for everything. I don't know if the joint will ever fully heal, it is better but I am dealing with the arthritis in it

  3. Ouch. Sorry to hear that my friend. I know winter has always taken a harsh toll on you and it sounds as if this one has already started. Please spoil yourself a bit & take it easy.